Project Description

Movement Disorder Parkinson’s Disease Specialists (MDPD Specialists) understands how difficult it is to find the right treatment for neurological disorders.  Their purpose is to ensure that our patients can live a full and normal life by providing educational resources, access to the best medical expertise in the field, and empowering patients and their families to take charge of their disorder and their lives.   MDPD Specialists realized that they needed a sited that was fully secure and that would provide a portal to their patients, they decided to contact us.

Our team began working with along with their medical experts developed a site with the latest information for Movement Disorders and Parkinson Disease Specialists.  The site also allows setup of Video Telehealth appointments, something that was critical to the sites design.

We provided MDPD Specialists with Website Design and Branding services.  The Website was designed with a combination of WordPress and HTML / CSS.  We also have provided SEO and Website analytics services for MDPD Specialists.