Unicare Health


Unicare Health Services’ goal is for all patients to receive the highest possible level of care, all-the-time…every time. Their team is devoted to providing superior service and the latest technology that enables freedom, flexibility, and independence.  Unicare reached out to us to achieve their goal of a site that would showcase their products and services. [...]

MDPD Specialists


Movement Disorder Parkinson’s Disease Specialists (MDPD Specialists) understands how difficult it is to find the right treatment for neurological disorders.  Their purpose is to ensure that our patients can live a full and normal life by providing educational resources, access to the best medical expertise in the field, and empowering patients and their families to [...]

Cowell Law


Cowell Law’s mission is to support in-house legal and clinical research teams by providing strategic legal guidance to hospitals, medical groups and physicians while navigating the rapidly transforming American health care system.  When they needed a site to provide them with a presence on the internet and help present their message and to reach clients, [...]

Work 2 Be Well


Work2BeWell is an organization that offers parents, teens, and educators access to free, clinically vetted curriculum for teen mental health.  Work2BeWell knew that they needed the latest technologies to reach their goals.  So, they reached out to us. We worked with their existing team to design a site that was able to reach students, parents, [...]

Well Being Trust – WordPress


The World Should Be This Responsive It is said that Responsive Design is Web design done properly.  Here at BitDevloper’s, we do things properly.  The concept of responsive design is that the website can adapt itself to any device or browser. Responsive Web Design like a glass of water, it can fill up [...]

Modulim – WordPress


Modulim is a leader in applying medical optical imaging and is dedicated to improving health, wellness, and quality of life for patients with chronic disease.  When Modulim decided to upgrade and modernize their existing website, they contacted us. We worked with Modulim’s existing team to understand their history, their products, and their vision for the [...]

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