What are some exciting predictions about the future?

1. Healthcare will be more preventative than reactive. Today’s medicine is still predominantly about treating disease and illness, not so much preventing it. Future medicine will be much more focused on avoiding having to go to the hospital when possible.

2. Virtual experiences will be as real as real life. If we extrapolate the improvements in virtual reality experiences, we will have lifelike experiences in our lifetimes.

3. Future generations will know much more about their predecessors. There is so much in the past we do not have a good record of. Historians try to piece it together from writings and some photos. We are creating so much rich content/pictures/video and for everyone, not just significant events. Generations to come will have significantly more information refer to when trying to make sense of our present which will one day become history.

What are some terrifying predictions about the future?

1. Your online privacy will be gone. So many tracking elements and sensors gathering so much information and sharing it, you don’t have a chance. In many cases, it just takes one weak link in the chainmail of virtual armor to fail and your private information is irrevocably accessible to the world forever.

2. Information access for our children will impossible to manage. As thousands of more messengers/apps/channels and other mediums are developed, it will become impossible to monitor and safeguard our children for the threats found online.

3. We will discover new more efficient ways to kill. As history has shown us, we humans tend to find a way to use technology to harm others either directly or indirectly. We are in the midst of an automation revolution and I fear this will make it easier to kill