1) What is a single page application (SPA)? More typically currently, multiple pages are used to communicate and interact with multiple sets of information and functionality. A single page application is when a single page is modified dynamically as the user interacts with the page elements. You might have noticed there are sites where the entire content of the site is on a single page and the navigation at the top anchors to sections on this page, this would be an example of a SPA. My resume site is an example: randolphmorris.me/

2) What are the benefits of SPAs? There is no transitional load time between pages or information requests. There could be ‘some’ lag when new information is being requested for a dynamic change in the display but the majority of the page resources are already loaded. So perceived page performance is primarily the benefit.

3) Can you give some popular examples of SPAs? Netflix, Upwork, randolphmorris.me/