1. How would you explain information architecture to someone who’s completely unfamiliar with it? It is like being the architect of a house. You create plans that allow workers with more specific skills like plumbing and electricians to work together to create a house. You also work with the home buyers to make sure what they want is included in the plan as well as the city to make sure standards are being met.

2. Why is information architecture important? Without a plan that covers the big picture, it is much more challenging for people of different skills to work together to make the separate parts of the digital machine work together.

3. What are some information architecture positions available in the workforce? Larger E-commerce operations would benefit from an Information Architect to make sure customers have every need accommodated. Any complex SaaS provider would benefit from an information architect to lead.

4. What are some daily job duties an information architect could expect to encounter? – Communicate with development stakeholders to ensure proper implementation of features are scheduled and prioritized. – Work with Software Architects or senior level developers to plan and review UI features. – Creating visual plans to review and approve with clients and management. – Work with or perform project management duties such as communications with stakeholders or clients on progress, timelines and or modifications to scope.