AI-driven vehicles are going to change the design of our vehicles, but not by much and the changes will be slow. Two considerations that have been fundamental in the evolution of vehicle design has been the ability to pilot and safety. When piloting a vehicle, you need to have visibility into the status of the vehicle, reachability of the controls and visibility of your outside environment. People are going to be slow to give up these control mechanisms until AI driven vehicles have proven themselves as worthy of entrusting our safety to, maybe not even then. Likely this will not even be possible until there are travel ways where there are no human-operated vehicles that could result in unpredictable actions. Vehicle passenger safety has come a long way. We should not be too quick to give this up for increased travel comfort until a stable level of travel safety has been achieved. As time, an increased track record of safety, and continuous improvement in safety design move forward, I believe our vehicles will be more allowing of social interacts and comfort such as the ability to turn and face others and more able to connect devices, even have internet access be a normal resource. It is unlikely we will change some things like the ability to see outside or facing towards where we are heading, this is just normal human comfort. This is part of why airplanes face forward when it is arguably safer to face backward. Also, I suspect windows are not going to go away for these same reasons.