I have been involved with blockchain since 2011 when I started collecting bitcoins when they were being given out for free. I moved to CPU mining then GPU mining but took a break after MTGOX debacle and when mining starting requiring ASICS (which were initially a sort of debacle themselves). I think messaging is (at least initially) how the internet became so important to people and messaging will be how blockchain becomes incorporated into our lives in a mainstream manner. Anything, where a distributed ledger would be valuable, should be a vertical where practical applications should be promoted. These applications could include: BMail or public messaging based on a blockchain for distribution. Voting machines. Stock exchange information. Financials for publicly traded companies. Historical Data. It is hard to say if 2019 would be reasonable to expect the implementation of more practical applications of blockchain technology. Technology is developed at breakneck speed, integration into people lives is much slower. The blockchain is too much of a buzzword right now than anything. Its more exciting to talk about the millionaires created from bitcoin, because more people can understand that story. To stay afloat we have to have more stories about how blockchain is helping everyday people regularly. Stories about how voter fraud is being combated by developing a public ledger with each person being identified with a public key encryption token. Or stories about how in the past, companies would be able to destroy evidence, but now the distributed system they utilize makes that an impossibility. Let’s make these exciting advances a reality.